• Date: From June 01 to June 03 2018
  • Location: OLBIA, ITALY

Olbia is a coastal city in northeast Sardinia, Italy.

It’s known for the medieval San Simplicio basilica, and for cafes dotting central squares like Piazza Matteotti. On the palm-lined waterfront to the east, the Museo Archeologico di Olbia has exhibits ranging from Nuragic artifacts to Roman warships. The hilltop Nuraghe Riu Mulinu is an archaeological complex with views of the Gulf of Olbia. Olbia's important tourist sights are quickly enumerated: two churches and an archaeological museum. The town lies on the shore of a large bay, with a road separating the town from the harbour.

Olbia's historic port, in use since pre-Roman times, was in this area, but nowadays the main ferry port is on an island in the bay, connected by a causeway to the town. The town’s central core is based around Corso Umberto, a lively shop-lined street leading uphill from the waterfront. At the top of a low hill, it opens into Piazza Margherita, a kind of low-key hub of the city. Around this heart there are several attractive narrow lanes lined with old stone buildings, and a few yards from Piazza Margherita, another attractive little square, Piazza Matteotti. Olbia's main charms lie in its laidback squares and its evening passeggiata, the good choice of reasonably-priced restaurants and pizzerias on the central streets and the opportunities for excursions. The town's setting too, is an attraction if you find a good viewpoint. The irregular bay, islets and the dramatic steep island of Tavolara offshore, along with the distant hills around the city, make a lovely setting.



Thursday 31 May
09:00 19:30 Paddock Opening
14:00 18:00 Registration
14:00 19:00 Technical scrutineering
14:00 19:30 Engine test (on water) allowed
Friday 1 June
08:30 09:00 Riders Briefing
09:00 21:00 Engine test (on water) allowed
09:30 14:00 Free Practice All Classes (2 laps with marshal + 20 minutes each) - Order valid for all session
  09:30 09:50 Ski GP3
  10:05 10:25 Runabout GP4
  10:40 11:00 Ski GP2
  11:15 11:35 Runabout GP2
  11:50 12:10 Ski Ladies GP1
  12:25 12:45 Ski GP1
  13:00 13:20 Freestyle
  13:35 14:00 Runabout GP1
14:00 16:00 Pre-qualification (if needed) 15 min per class based on fastest lap
16:00 20:30 POLE POSITION all classes
Saturday 2 June
08:30 09:00 Riders Briefing
09:00 19:30 Engine test (on water) allowed
09:30 13:00 MOTO 1 GP2/GP3/GP4 + FP GP1 and Freestyle (20 minutes each)
14:30 19:00 MOTO 2 GP2/GP3/GP4 + MOTO 1 GP1
20:30 22:00 Parallel Slalom GP1 and Freestyle MOTO 2
Sunday 3 June
08:30 09:00 Riders Briefing
09:00 19:30 Engine test (on water) allowed
09:30 13:00 Free Practice All Classes (20 minutes each)
14:30 19:00 MOTO 3 GP2/GP3/GP4 + MOTO 2 GP1 and Freestyle
19:30 20:30 Prize-Giving Ceremony